About us

Mutrana’s mission

Nowadays, with consumers’ more access to information, and the possibility of better evaluating the products and the services they use, marketing management has become super-complex and challenging for business owners in developing, maintaining, or expanding their market share.
The feasibility of multi-strain communication from brands side, and types of available contents in the web area and social networks have made market target groups to be more aware of their needs, or services and products that have been provided in the market.
Due to these challenges, brand and business owners require to do market research for their sustainable development. They have to be precisely acquainted with needs and desires of different target market groups, to provide distinctive products and services commensurate with customers’ insight. Also, managing the multi-channels of product supply, or communications markets and advertisement plays a consequential role in the improvement of the organization’s policies.
Mutrana marketing agency was created with the goal of providing full branding, marketing, research, and advertising service for cutting edge clients based on the extensive experience of the founders of this company.
One of the main concerns of entrepreneurs in the Iranian market is the development of a comprehensive marketing plan and the provision of new solutions, implementation, control, and evaluation of the effectiveness of the plan implemented. In Mutrana, we have been trying to bring academic and scientific foundations alongside the market experience to offer optimal solutions.
Based on our mission, we have chosen the name “Mutrana”.
Mutrana is a historic Persian word meaning worthwhile. Our whole effort in this company is to move on and build the credibility, sustainability, and value of our customers’ brands.


The founders of this Company, with more than 15 years of experience in marketing industry, are trying to change people’s viewpoint about marketing services.
Since the early 1990s, Mutrana’s partners have been providing marketing services to companies active in the Iranian market in the fields of automotive, transportation, FMCG, packaging, medical equipment, banking, construction, telecommunication, electronic, and other industries.
The Mutrana team aims to provide seamless consulting services in developing macro marketing strategies, market research, design and development of new products, development and empowerment of product distribution and supply channels, assistance in recruiting in house marketing talent, consultancy in price positioning, modern and targeted advertising methods, periodic evaluation and monitoring of the effectiveness of marketing organization activities.