Key Persons

ali ،علی شکوهی، موسسین

Ali Shokouhi

CEO & member of the board

Ali has been involved at a senior level in the field of marketing for 20 years. He has a bachelor’s degree in industrial management and a master’s degree in executive management. He has earned extensive experience in the fields of food stuffs, automobiles, household goods and medical equipment.
Ali serves as the CEO of the Mutrana. His prior experience includes serving in management position and marketing consultation with major brands and enterprises including Daimler AG, DarmnanYab Salamat Pouya, Gerami Business Group, Negin Khodro, Arian Capital Holding.
Ali intends to develop scientific conception of marketing by using his own Integrated, smart and creative team. Also, he wants to help investors to promote their brands and launch their products successfully in the market.

soroushسروش ایوبی،موسسین،

Soroush Ayoubi

Chairman of the board

Soroush has been active in the ICT industry and marketing for more than 18 years. He is an expert in software engineering and executive management (MBA, DBA). Soroush has valuable experiences in the field of E-commerce, digital advertising, mobile value-added systems, branding, and marketing services.
In recent years, he has served as executive director, CEO and board member in the technology-oriented companies, marketing communication, and advertising companies.